A Shining Star in the Local Music Scene

Lovers of acoustic music sometimes find that it is hard to discover new acts that they haven’t yet heard of, not because there aren’t many acoustic musicians out there, but because there are a lot of them. Not all acoustic musicians exhibit the kind of musical mastery and skill as Rick Hamel.

Music Education

Rick Hamel is an acoustic singer and guitar player who has been involved in the music industry since a very young age. He learned to play guitar as a young child, winning various awards and scholarships as a teenager and playing with several different bands as a lead singer and as a guitarist. Rick decided on taking a different career path in college, but that didn’t stop him from progressing as a musician.


The DJ Years

Those who live in Boston might be most familiar with Rick Hamel thanks to his choice to DJ at local nightclubs. Even today, this experience as a DJ shines through in his performance as an acoustic singer and guitarist. His crowds appreciate his upbeat, pleasing tunes and find that the same musical sensibilities that made Rick a successful DJ are able to help him in his career as a solo acoustic musician.

Unique Arrangements

Currently, rick composes and performs unique arrangements of a wide variety of songs from all eras and all musical genres including classic rock, 90′s rock, pop, country, oldies, and more. He has played at many of the top venues in the Worcester area, including Padavano’s Place, Loft 266, Michael’s Cigar Bar, and many others. With over 30 years of experience as a musician, he is able to tailor his performances to his crowds to make sure that everyone there is having a fantastic time.

A Skilled Entertainer

Rick Hamel is the epitome of professionalism in the local music scene, taking only short breaks during his solo sets and making it a point of tailoring his set lists to the crowd’s response. His ability to read crowds is almost as essential as his technical skill when it comes to understanding Rick Hamel’s ability to drive crowds wild. Anyone considering booking him for a show or heading out to catch a show that has already been booked can check out some music videos online to see what exactly that means.

Book Now

Rick Hamel’s local popularity makes him a perfect acoustic act for just about any setting. Entertainment managers can watch his acoustic videos online or get in contact about booking a show or hiring Rick as an open mic host.